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Apro Network Professionals, netpros@apronetwork.com
Apro Network Professionals - Experienced, Ethical, Educated
P. O. Box 11384 • Memphis, TN 38111-0384 • (901) 486-9032

The principal of Apro Network Professionals has twenty-seven years supporting personal computer systems and networks and started this firm in 1990. Certified Novell Engineer since 1993.* Effective communicator with computer system end-users and technicians. Experienced working independently with branch offices with central Information Technology locations, and within larger corporate settings. Specializes in providing a broad range of services to small and medium size businesses.

Technical Experience
  • MS-Windows from 3x to Windows 10
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows NT Server
  • Windows 2000
  • Novell Network Operating System
  • LAN Server Network Operating System
  • OS/2 Operating System
  • FreeBSD Operating System
  • DOS, various versions
  • WiFi wireless networking, WPA security

  • Ethernet
  • Token Ring
  • ISDN
  • Frame Relay
  • DSL
  • HTML
  • DNS
  • Firewall devices (Cisco, Sonic Wall, Fortigate)
  • Routers, switches, hubs
  • E-mail servers

Ethical statement: Providing an ethical service to our clients is as important to us as our technical skills

A code of ethics is available to prospective clients upon request

Past Affiliations
Germantown Chamber of Commerce
Network Professional Association
Independent Computer Consultants Association
Novell - Certified Novell Engineer

Call Apro Network Professionals today: 901-751-9733

*While still Novell certified, the last Netware server under our care was removed from service in 2004. Although we have a long history with Netware operating systems, we no longer work with them regularly. The last Novell Groupwise server we supported was decommissioned in 2010.